Our Program:

Cardinal Vending Services will provide, at no cost to you, state-of-the-art vending machines for use in the appropriate venues. We will stock all machines on an as-needed basis to insure a constant supply of product for your consumers. You will never actually take possession of any of the product. All costs associated with pilferage, service and maintenance will be borne by Cardinal Vending Services. At the end of each month we will provide a recap of the sales activity along with a commission check.

Sales/Commission Integrity and Accountability
We pride ourselves on transparency and accuracy in our sales and commission process. We implement several control procedures to help insure complete financial integrity. Such as:

  • All machines record every sales transaction.
  • Our route driver enters sales information on each collection.
  • Software compares machine sales information to actual collection to ensure commissions are paid properly.
  • Each month you receive a detailed commission statement showing collection dates & sales.

Cardinal Vending Services

  • We provide the machine(s) for free
  • Our route drivers deliver the ice cream and snacks to the machine(s)
  • We provide customized stocking and product rotation on an as needed basis
  • We are responsible for the product in the machine(s), in the event of a power loss, you lose nothing
  • We handle all maintenance associated with the machine(s). This includesd handaling all service calls with our own technicians.
  • We will be responsible for all money handaling procedures and we track every penny that goes through the machine(s).


  • You do not buy machine(s)
  • You never stock the machine(s) you have no inventory
  • You never purchase any product
  • You are never responsible fort any machine maintenance
  • You have to cash a check each month!!!