Successful Healthy Vending

It’s now three years since Cardinal Vending implemented the Snackwisesm Nutrition System in our school-based snack machines. From the beginning, we felt the Snackwisesm program was the best way to respond to our customer’s concerns over the nutritional value of the snacks we provide. And now, we are hearing from many schools that the program gives you the tools needed to promote healthy snacks and students an easy guide to use in making better snack choices.

Working With Wellness Initiatives

For example, Cardinal worked with Westerville North High School to develop a product mix that conforms to the Westerville School District?s Wellness Policy. Together with Westerville North Principal, Kurt Yancey and Erin Campbell, Health & Physical Education Teacher, Cardinal used the Snackwise System to identify products for the candy, snack and ice cream machines that met the target ratios for the Red, Yellow and Green product mix.

“Cardinal was very responsive to our request to update the product mix. They found popular items that our students like and that fit the nutritional guidelines set forth in our wellness policy.”
Kurt Yancey, Westerville North High School.

“The colorful and easy-to-understand graphics of the Snackwise Program helps create a greater awareness and education about healthy snack choices.”
Erin Campbell, Health & Physical Education Teacher, Westerville North High School.